Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Some Ideas For Saving Money And Moving Things To A Second-Floor Self-Storage Unit

Jenny Shaw

Saving money becomes a priority for many people trying to stay within a budget. Renting a storage unit might reduce more expenses than it adds. Moving out of a one-bedroom apartment into a studio rental and putting belongings into storage, for example, could be a lot cheaper. And you can save additional money by renting a reasonably priced rental unit. Demand for rental units can be high, and first-floor rentals may be greater than second-floor ones. Don't think there is anything inconvenient about booking a second-floor unit if the first floor is unavailable. Moving things into one could be quite easy, and will help you save money, time, and space. 

Making the Second-Floor Move Easier

Moving your belongings to the second-floor level at the storage facility won't be a problem, as long as you plan things. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Hire Bulk Movers: If you have any bulk furniture, hiring someone to move these things is worth considering. Yes, there are costs associated with hiring a mover, but think long-term. Eventually, you'll relocate to a less-expensive apartment and cut your monthly rent. Over time, the cost savings may pay for the move. Moving things yourself further drives down the expenses. And don't assume you need to do a lot of heavy lifting and carrying.
  • Carry Smaller Boxes: Carrying heavy boxes a flight of stairs to the second floor is another step you can make easier. No rule says you have to load up large, heavy boxes. If feasible, fill up several smaller ones. Sure, you are making more trips, but the trips could be less demanding ones. Perhaps you could even put one large empty box inside the storage unit and fill it with several pre-packed smaller ones. This way, everything becomes better organized inside the bin, and the actual moving of your belongings took less physical effort and hassle. 
  • Use the Duffle Bag Strategy: Are you moving clothing in the storage? If the "cargo" is light enough, consider putting them in a duffel bag that you can wrap over your shoulders and walk up the steps. That could be a little better and easier than dragging a trunk or luggage. And there's another benefit to using a duffle bag: It is malleable and takes up less space.

Second-floor units are sometimes less costly than first-floor ones, so that can be another benefit. Combining overall cost savings with a workable plan for safely moving things into the unit could set a course for getting a budget under control while enjoying more space in a smaller apartment.


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