Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

3 Reasons Why Renting A Self-Storage Unit Works During A Kitchen Remodel

Jenny Shaw

When it comes to enhancing home functionality, value, and appeal, kitchen remodeling is a natural option. While remodeling your kitchen can definitely have its advantages, the project does not come without certain hassles and headaches.

You will be moving everything out of the kitchen—one of the most used rooms in the house—stripping it down to the bare structure, and then installing new features and implements. One way you may never think to prepare for a kitchen remodeling project is by renting a storage unit. Check out a few reasons to consider renting storage before the project begins. 

Renting Storage Protects Your Furniture and Belongings 

The biggest reason to rent a storage unit before your kitchen remodeling project is to protect your belongings. The items in the kitchen can be some of the most expensive pieces in the house. For example, your refrigerator, dinette set, and microwave can have a hefty price tag. By getting these items out of the way, you won't face the risk of them being damaged during all the work. While professionals do all they can to keep household belongings intact, there is always some level of risk when construction work is taking place. A misguided piece of lumber could ding an expensive refrigerator, for instance. 

Renting Storage is Cost-Effective 

A small storage unit costs somewhere between $40 to $50 a month on average for a five-foot by five-foot self-storage unit. This cost is small compared to other costs associated with a kitchen remodel, but the price is economical for a few other reasons. For example: 

  • You get protection for your belongings that cost far more to replace 
  • You get things out of the way so contractors don't charge more to maneuver and work around items 
  • You get storage for as long as you need it on a month-by-month basis 

Renting Storage Gives You More Time 

When the kitchen remodel begins, you have no choice but to get just about everything in the kitchen out of the way. For some property owners, this means that certain pieces have to be moved outside the house until certain objectives are complete. For others, furniture, appliances, dishes, and even pots and pots have to be relocated to other areas of the house where they are simply in the way. Having your items safely tucked away in a storage unit eliminates feeling rushed to get certain tasks completed so you can put things back where they go. 


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