Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

A Storage Unit Can Help You Get Your Garage In Order

Jenny Shaw

Storage units are easy to rent, affordable, and come in many sizes. They are used by many people and business owners to store countless items. One thing that storage units can help with is clearing out the garage. So many people have nice-sized garages that have unfortunately become nothing more than a storage space for clutter. Read this information to learn how renting a storage unit to clean out your garage can help you. 

You can protect your car 

If your garage is cluttered, then there likely isn't close to enough space in it for you to park your car in there. This leaves your car sitting outside instead. Some of the reasons why it's not the best idea to regularly keep your car parked outside include: 

  • An increased chance of it being broken into or stolen
  • Damage by UV rays, leading to faded paint
  • Scratches and dents from kids playing, animals, and more
  • Damage from weather, such as a hail storm
  • Hot interior temperatures during the summer
  • Lost insurance discounts for not parking in the garage

By moving a lot of that clutter into a storage unit, you can use your garage for the car again. This gives you a safe and more comfortable place for it and gets it out of the yard, which also helps keep the yard looking nicer. 

You can find what you want

You can have a combination of important items and things you don't even know if you really want in the garage. The clutter can get to the point where these things are now all mixed together. This can make it so hard for you to go out there and find what it is you are looking for. When you clean the garage out and move a lot of that stuff into a storage unit, you can organize the garage properly. Once this is done, you'll know right where your things are. 

You will be able to use the garage for work

Whether you would like to have a side job repairing things, you are into crafting, or you have always wanted to get into woodworking, not having access to the garage can be a problem. That may be the perfect space for you to do these things, but having it full of miscellaneous things may be preventing this. Moving most of the stuff into a storage space gives you the chance to make a nice work area in the garage for you to use.

Contact a local storage service, such as South Town Self Storage Inc., to learn more. 


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