Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Creative Ways To Make A Storage Unit More User-Friendly

Jenny Shaw

You rent a storage unit to clear the clutter in your home and house your belongings, but this basic space for storage is probably not going to have a lot of extras. To make your rented unit more user-friendly, here are a few good ideas. 

Install some battery-operated lights. 

Not all storage units will have lights inside; many are basically designed with no electricity inside. However, this doesn't actually mean you cannot have light in your unit. Battery-operated LED lights are super easy to find, have a long battery life, and have lights that are well enough to light an entire unit. If you often visit your storage unit after dark, it never hurts to invest in a few battery-operated lights that you can use instead of having to rely on headlights or the flashlight on your phone. 

Erect your own shelves and racks. 

Even though there may be stipulations about attaching permanent fixtures to the walls inside of your rented storage unit, what you can do is set up a few shelves or racks. Something like a tool rack that would normally be placed in a garage is a good thing to use to utilize vertical space in the unit. You can always take the shelves down and take them with you when you no longer rent the unit. 

Install a floor mat at the entryway. 

You will likely visit your storage unit a few times when the weather is not all that great. If there is not concrete or pavement surrounding the unit, it is easy to track mud and gravel inside of your unit. This can lead to everything you drag across the floor from that moment forward getting caked with dirt and grime that you have tracked in on your feet. Invest in a good doormat or textured rug that you can lay out to wipe your feet on when it is raining or the ground is messy. 

Stack milk crates for storing small items. 

If you have a lot of loose tools or other smaller items, you may not want these items in a box and they really do need to be organized so you can find what you need easier when you step inside. Milk crates are stackable and give you a view of the contents inside the crate when they are stacked. Therefore, having a few dozen of these crates inside of your unit can help you keep things organized and tidy. 

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