Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

7 Examples of Self-Storage Uses

Jenny Shaw

This guide on the uses of self-storage units will provide you with examples of some of the common as well as some of the surprising reasons why a lot of people opt to use storage units. It will give you a better idea of some benefits of using them and help you see how they might be useful to you right now. Here are 7 examples of how others have benefitted from self-storage units: 

1. College students

Many college students put some or even all of their things into storage while they are attending college. The unit gives them a secure place to keep the things they can't fit in their dorms, but want to have near them. 

2. Online sellers

A lot of people make money selling things online. Sometimes they sell things that are shipped from other locations. However, many sell things they have in their possession. When their business grows to the point where they can no longer keep their inventory in their homes, they will often keep items in storage until they are sold. 

3. Collectors

There are a lot of people who like to collect many types of things. Some examples of things people often collect include shoes, handbags, antique furniture, tools, vinyl records, books, action figures, movie props, and much more. Their collections can get so large that they no longer fit in collectors' homes. Many collectors opt to move their collections into storage units. 

4. Hobby mechanics

Some people like to work on cars or motorcycles in their spare time, taking older models and restoring them. However, it can take up a lot of room in their garages to keep all their spare parts. Many mechanics don't want to keep them outside in the elements, so keeping them in a storage unit until they need the parts works well for them. 

5. Artists

Artists can work with a lot of different materials to create their art. Some of the things they work with can be large, bulky, and hard to store. For example, sculptors can work with very large pieces of metal, wood, plastic, etc. By keeping the different pieces in storage until they need them, they can keep their workspace uncluttered. 

6. Furniture restorers

There are people who like to buy old furniture, restore it to its original look or even change it in the way they want, and then sell it. However, it takes up a lot of room to keep many pieces of furniture somewhere. This often limits them on how much they can restore at any one time. By using self-storage units, furniture restorers can keep many pieces and work on them without feeling rushed or limited. 

7. Maintenance workers

Maintenance workers are those who take on odd jobs such as plumbing, painting, or remodeling someone's home. They can end up collecting a lot of materials and tools as time goes by. They can use the materials they end up with on future jobs, Self-storage units allow them to store these extra tools and materials and to save space in their homes or work vehicles. 


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