Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Primary Self-Storage Sanitation Tips You Should Know

Jenny Shaw

People today can rely on self-storage facilities to get additional storage space when they need to declutter or while moving. The service providers strive to offer well-built and secured units that come in different sizes and have varying features. If you would like to acquire a self-storage unit soon, it's essential to know how you will maintain it. After all, dust and dirt are part of life, and the last thing you want is to keep your belongings in storage only to realize they malfunctioned or got damaged because of dust or dirt. The best way to avoid this is to plan before you take the items into storage. Below are some essential storage sanitation tips to help you win the dust and dirt battle.

Ensure You Clean Everything Before Storage

One of the mistakes people make is to take dirty or dusty items into a storage unit. This makes the storage unit appear unkempt and causes damage over time. For this reason, you should give your items a good cleaning before keeping them in the self-storage unit. After the deep cleaning, dry the items properly, so they don't develop mold and mildew while in the unit. Make sure you clean the storage unit thoroughly with a water and soap solution and air it before you bring in the items.

Ensure You Pack Small Items Properly

If you are going to keep many small items in your storage unit, you'll need to keep them organized to enhance cleanliness in the unit. Leaving them lying everywhere or on shelves will make them dirty as they take on all the dust and grime. The best solution is to keep the items in a storage container. Plastic containers are usually more ideal as they come in different sizes and have lids to keep dust and dirt at bay. Remember to clean and dry each item before placing it in the box them seal it properly.

Ensure You Get the Right Covers for Large Items

The large items that cannot fit in containers will also need to be kept clean. To reduce the likelihood of dust accumulation, you should cover the items with clean cloth tarps. These tarps are considered more suitable as they keep dust away without damaging the items due to their soft nature. You can also use plastic tarps, but they aren't smooth and can scratch sensitive items. Old blankets will also suffice if you have some.

Cleaning the items and storage unit in advance, packing small items appropriately, and covering the large items will help keep dust and dirt away during storage. However, you will still need to create a cleaning schedule and open the unit from time to time.

For more information, contact a self-storage facility in your area.


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