Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Use A Self-Storage Unit For These Four Life Events

Jenny Shaw

Life is full of change. Many of these changes are good, but they can still cause logistical headaches. Any time you move to a new house or take a trip, you need to figure out what to do with all your stuff. Self-storage units are often the perfect, cost-effective solution. Let a self-storage unit help you manage these four life events more easily:

1. Taking an Extended Trip

People take extended trips for a number of reasons. You may be going on a long vacation to recharge after a stressful year. You may be traveling for work that will station you in another city for several months, or you may be traveling to take care of an ailing family member. Whatever your reason for traveling, you can save money by subletting your apartment while you're gone. Placing valuable and bulky items in a self-storage unit will enable you to sublet your apartment with total confidence.

2. Moving In With a Significant Other

Moving in with a significant other marks a significant milestone in the relationship. Merging your lives together can be a beautiful thing that starts in the home. However, if you and your partner both have a lot of personal possessions, moving in together can quickly become stressful. There may be items you want to keep that your sweetheart would rather not have in the house. Renting a self-storage unit allows you to make a compromise. Keep your belongings safe and secure in a place where you can access them whenever you want, while still keeping them out of the house.

3. Going Home for the Summer

It's very common for college students to attend school in another city. Most students choose to go home for the summer to be close to family. Dorms typically close for the summer, which means students will need to find a place to store their stuff. A self-storage unit will allow you to keep your dorm furniture, clothes, and school supplies in the same city where you go to school. You'll save money and hassle when you don't have to bring all your belongings home with you for the summer.

4. Moving Into a Smaller Home

In order to save money, renters and homeowners sometimes downsize. Moving into a smaller house or apartment can reduce your rent or mortgage payments. Unfortunately, a smaller home may not be able to comfortably accommodate all your belongings. A self-storage unit can serve as supplementary storage, so you don't have to get rid of anything that you love.


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