Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Want A Roommate In A Home You Own? Rent A Storage Unit To Help

Jenny Shaw

Living with roommates is something that people often do when they are living in rental apartments or houses. While you may not find many homeowners who share their place with a roommate, you may have grown to like this particular idea, especially due to the savings involved.

If you want to be ready to start looking for a roommate, you may want to rent a storage unit that can give you valuable storage space to put certain things away.


To get a roommate to move in, you will need to clear out an entire bedroom so that they can bring furniture and belongings into their own personal and private space. If the bedroom is completely furnished, you may not have enough room to take everything out and store it all throughout the house. This makes it so beneficial to use a storage unit that can hold everything.

A major plus that comes with storing an entire bedroom is that the bedroom's dimensions can help with determining how large of a storage unit you should rent to fit all your items.


While you may own the home and expect to keep most of your furniture and belongings inside, you should consider clearing out some of the kitchen space for a roommate to use. For instance, they may have a small collection of kitchenware that they keep with them everywhere they go. Even if they do not move in with anything, they will likely appreciate having a space to store items.

Making sure there is enough room to fit a couple of small appliances is helpful because your roommate may want to bring in ones that you do not own. Putting everything from the kitchen into one or two boxes and keeping them in the same area within the storage unit is a great idea as it will help you stay organized and access the items quickly once you want or need them.


If you want to offer a spot in your garage for your roommate to park their vehicle or store belongings, you will likely need to clear out your own storage. While you could try to get creative with putting furniture, boxes, and oversized items around the house without creating clutter, you can look forward to a safe, fast, and reliable solution by renting a storage unit instead.

Picking a storage facility with lots of unit size options means that you can always downsize or upsize depending on your needs at the time.

When you want to have a smooth experience with a roommate moving in and living in your home, you should consider renting a self storage unit to handle all your storage needs.


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