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Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Three Steps For Helping Your Child Pack Up At The End Of The College Year

Jenny Shaw

Once college is out for the summer, students often pack up their dorm room and go home. Most college students will want to get home quickly in order to start summer jobs or to participate in summer internships. Universities will also have a deadline for most students to move out of their dorms if they live on campus. This time generally comes right after finals. For this reason, your child will have only about a week to prepare to move back home for the summer. If you want to help your college student figure out how to get back home, here are three tips for helping them pack up quickly. 

Make a list of throwaways

There are items that are not worth it to save or pack up. Items such as inexpensive body wash, small trash cans, and used school supplies can be thrown out or recycled safely rather than packed or brought home. Make a list of items for your child to throw away so that they are not wasting packing space inside of boxes and suitcases. Keep this list handy so that it can be used when you are going back-to-school shopping prior to fall. 

Hire a mobile storage service

Since college students may not have access to storage units, nor will they have trucks to move their items, the best option for storage is to go with a mobile storage unit. Mobile storage units will park a small storage locker or small tent-like building and allow you to fill it with your boxes and suitcases. Once packing is complete, the company itself will take the mobile storage unit back to its premises to store. A mobile unit will allow your students to walk items from their dorm room to the mobile storage unit rather than pack up a truck then unpack when they get to a unit. 

Purchase a ticket with suitcases

If your child plans to fly back home, purchase a ticket and include the cost of two suitcases with the ticket. This will help your students come home with necessities such as clothing and electronics. If there are items that they could not fit or safely store inside of a storage unit all summer, they will be able to pack these in a suitcase that is 50 pounds or under. Be sure that your child obeys all airline rules and does not carry any items with a lithium-ion battery inside of the suitcase. 

For more information on summer storage for your college student, contact a mobile storage company such as AA All American Airborne Self-Storage


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