Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

Fitting It All In: A Blog About Storage

8 Items That Really Need To Be Stored In A Climate-Controlled Space

Jenny Shaw

One reason why storage units are so widely used is that they're inexpensive. You can pay $30 or $50 a month for a space where you can stash quite a lot of stuff! You do need to be careful, however, about the unit you rent. Some units are climate-controlled, like those at North Star Mini Storage, while others are not. While some items like bikes and basic appliances may be just fine to store in a non-climate-controlled space, the following eight items will always need to be kept under climate control.

1. Wooden Furniture

Yes, wood is rugged and it comes from the outdoors, but it really needs climate control. Changes in humidity can cause it to swell and buckle. Your dresser will never be the same!

2. Art

Whether it's a watercolor or an acrylic, you need to store traditional art in climate controlled storage. Canvases usually have wooden backing that can bend if the humidity level changes. Plus, a lot of paint colors are sensitive to temperature changes. You don't want to pull a painting out of storage and find the grass has turned blue!

3. Photographs

Photo paper is very intolerant of changes in temperature and humidity. So for those photos taken pre-Instagram, you need climate control.

4. Musical Instruments

From drums to trumpets, instruments are very carefully made to ensure they make the right sounds. If any part of the instrument distorts due to changes in humidity or temperature, the instrument will never sound right again. Don't take any chances.

5. Computers

Computers and similar electronics, like smartphones or tablets, need to be stored under climate control so that the electrical components inside do not rust or corrode. Batteries in these items are also sensitive to temperature changes.

6. Makeup and other cosmetic items.

The ingredients in these items are very temperature-sensitive. You shouldn't store most of these things for long periods anyways, but if you are putting them in storage for a month or two, opt for climate control.

7. Anything leather

Whether it's a saddle, leather boots, or a bike seat, it needs to be under climate control as leather is prone to cracking in dry weather and molding in overly moist weather.

8. Clothing

If you put clothing in a non-climate-controlled unit, it will almost certainly emerge smelling musty, and nobody wants to wear musty clothing.

To learn more about climate control and which items require it, talk to the storage facility you are thinking about renting from. 


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